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Also Pointless: a review of my 1995 Audi S6 I wrote when I'd had it for three months

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1995 Audi S6, 3rd owner, with 106k miles. (now 132k miles).

Exterior: 7/10 - a clean and anonymous evolution of Audi’s ground-breaking streamlined 1980s style.. one last time before they got out the curves and knocked it out of the park with the B5 A4. In `S’ form there’s the cool little silver-red badges and aggressive flares on the front fenders, but car still has a dentist vibe. Stealth missile, but one that gets you 1/10th the instant respect of a ‘90s BMW M.


Interior: 9/10 - a stunning iteration of Audi’s interiors, snug and luxurious given the materials of the day. Surfaces that are soft now are hard (door sills etc). Minor niggles - you can’t fit your feet under the electric front seats, and the back seat doesn’t fold down (there’s a ski sock, though). Fantastic driving position in comfortable deep-bolstered seats.

Ride: 7/10 - It’s a very capable sports suspension, which means it handles like a go-kart. Which is to say it is trying to rattle my teeth out. Driving on brick is like dancing at a punk rock concert.


Handling: 10/10 - no Audi understeer here - perfect weight balance and the AWD is tuned very neutral. It stays planted and in control under the craziest circumstances.

(Postscript - I would not give a 10/10 now that the enthusiasm has worn off. I love it, but there’s no hiding the weight or excess roll by modern performance car standards)


Performance: 9/10 - Sure, a V6 Camry is faster to 60 now, but 6.1 ain’t slow. The inline-227hp 5 2.2l turbo makes beautiful noises and provides 258 lb-ft. of torque at 1950 rpm. You can do things I am not used from a quattro like throttle the back end out and thrust out of a turn. This car was manual-transmission only in the United States, as it should be.

Economy: 6/10 - EPA rated 16/22 - I see 18-19 mpg from my work commute. Not great by today’s standards, but the Mercedes 500E of its day made 13 city and the BMW M5 made 11.

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